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PVA adhesive

PVA, or Polyvinyl Acetate, is a type of adhesive commonly known as white glue. It is a widely used adhesive due to its versatility and reliable performance in various applications.

Discover adhesive excellence with our high-quality PVA white glue. PVA, commonly known as white glue, is a versatile and reliable adhesive that has become a preferred choice in a wide range of industrial and creative applications.

Our Gotec PVA white glue stands out for its exceptional adhesion to different materials, such as wood, paper, cardboard, fabric, and many other substrates. Its carefully developed formula ensures a strong, long-lasting, and fast-drying bond, speeding up production times and enhancing efficiency in your projects.

Whether you need to bond components in the woodworking industry, embark on crafting projects, or create structures in the modeling industry, our PVA white glue offers reliable performance and superior adhesion quality.

Uses and Applications



Food industry

Tubes and Corner Protectors