¿What is Hot Melt?

Thermofusible adhesives are at room temperature 100% solids and when heat is applied they melt for their application. These adhesives are solvent-free, their formulation is 100% non-volatile thermoplastic materials.

In addition to having a wide range of line products, we can manufacture custom-made hot-melt adhesives, the variables that count are:

  • Adhesion
  • Application speed
  • Open time
  • Packaging conditions
  • Conditions of end use

We have adhesives for closed, armed and formed boxes, within this family we also have adhesives for cardboard tray assembly.

Our adhesives stick all kinds of liners, from virgin cardboard to recycled cardboard, boxes with coatings such as MichelMan, plastics, sulfates and satins.

Within our product catalog we have Hot Melt adhesives formulated exclusively for the binding industry, validated in pull and flex tests. Our adhesives can stick books and magazines made from paper revolution to satin paper, bond and kraft.

We develop Hot Melt adhesives for labeling all types of containers (metal, glass, kraft, plastic, etc.) and for all types of labels (paper, metallized, laminated and plastic). Our adhesives work in high and low speed machines.

This market includes adhesives that help with secondary packaging functions, some examples are the following uses:

  • Sticking straw in Tetra Pak.
  • Packaging of household appliances.
  • Palletized
  • Bonding warranty seal.

The main function of these adhesives is the assembly or fixation of complementary items of the main packaging.

In the foundry industry silica sand molds and cores are used to empty and shape the molten metal. For the above, Hot Melt products designed specifically for the union of molds and pieces of silica sand can be used.

In the lost foam process we have the special Hot Melt adhesives for gluing foam without damaging it. They do not leave residues once the molten metal has been emptied, they provide a very long open time necessary for the accommodation and adjustment of the pieces.

Hot Melt adhesives for sticking in hard and soft woods. They are used mainly for gluing and assembling furniture and wood finishes. Due to its wood-like formulation these adhesives have an excellent adhesion.

Among the uses of the Hot Melt is the application of adhesive in traps for pest control. We have highly sensitive adhesives for the control of pests for rodents and insects.

Within our portfolio we have Hot Melt adhesives with excellent adhesion and temperature resistance that meet the requirements of the automotive industry.

The speed in the construction industry is extremely important, we have adhesives specialized in gluing construction material that provide rapidity and excellent bonding performance ideal for finishing or repairs.

We develop pressure-sensitive Hot Melt adhesives for the bonding of natural-colored sanitary articles (without pigment loads).

In disposable diapers we have adhesives for construction with an excellent performance in the production process.

We have adhesives for the diaper elastic and the positioner of sanitary napkins which can be adjusted to the needs of each client.

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