¿What is P.V.A glue?

P.V.A or better known as “white glue” is an adhesive that contains polyvinyl alcohol, it is used in the home and in all kinds of industries in the world. This adhesive being liquid is easy to apply and does not contain solvents makes its use and storage safe.

The control over the properties of the adhesive such as viscosity, solids and PH are extremely important for the performance of each process and that is why we have a formulation department, to obtain the right product for each need.

We have PVA adhesive for the closing and assembly of cardboard boxes, kraft, corrugated, micro-corrugated and laminated. These adhesives range from 16% to 70% solids, the viscosity depends on the needs of each client. Our adhesives are suitable to be applied with automatic, semi-automatic or manual equipment.

It can be used in the manufacture of drum doors (plating), solid doors with or without resistance to water, in the use of Finger Joiner, radiofrequency, clamp-type presses, glued wood with sergeants or stuck wooden butts. We have the adhesive called “Carpenter” which is used mainly in the production of furniture of all types of wood.

PVA adhesives for the bookbinding industry are products with high viscosity and high solids content. We have adhesives for gluing the spine in the production of books, magazines, blocks, etc.

Within our product catalog we have PVA adhesives for paper-to-cardboard lamination, corrugated paper or micro-corrugated paper.

We have PVA adhesives for the elaboration of different numbers of liners according to the needs of each client with excellent resistance and hardness.

We have PVA adhesives for labeling paper or plastic to cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum.

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